Andrés Bogarín Geymayr
International Consultant
Asunción, Paraguay

Expertise Areas

Project management - business plan development - marketing strategy - investments in Paraguay and the region- market research - PR - financial projections - business contacts in Paraguay and the region - value added services design and development - crm implementation - information for project development - translations from and to spanish.english.portuguese - iso 9000

Paraguay, the Heart of South America

Paraguay is a small, landlocked country located in the center of South America, geographical condition which made it also known as the "Heart of South America". This beautiful and still undiscovered country holds great comparative advantages over most countries of the region

Wonderful people
The first thing you feel when arriving to Paraguay is its people´s good heart. People care about each other here and they do show it all the time. A typical Paraguayan will invite you for a barbecue at his house after a couple of hours of first meeting you.

Great weather conditions
The weather in Paraguay is great, there are more than 300 sunny days per year. The abundance of natural light has a positive effect on people´s moods. There is no record of natural disasters in Paraguay.

Natural Resources
The land is rich in Paraguay, ideal rainfall conditions allied to soft temperature curves allows important agricultural yields. There is an impressive ammout of rivers and water resources distributed throughout the country.

The World´s largerst Electrical Energy Exporter
Yes. Paraguay is the largest electricity exporter in the world, its neighbouring countries Brazil and Argentina buy all the hidroelectrical energy produced in the country. Power generation will never be a problem in Paraguay.

Investment Incentives

Special laws like the 60/90 or the Maquila Outsorcing Regime allow investors to benefit from tax excemptions which grant competitive advantages.

Lowest taxes in the region
Paraguay has the lowest tax burden of the region, amongst the lowest tax burdens of the world.

Young and trainable labor
More than 70% of the paraguayan population is younger than 30 years old, the youngest population of the region.

Quality of life
Asuncion, the capital city is one of the lowest cost of living capitals of the world, according to the Mercer Consulting Group.

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